bypass photoshop

24 September, 2008

with the release of photoshop cs4 and the surrounding discussion i have been exploring different avenues of post-production.  nothing new here, i’ve loved blender for a long time, but the blender compositor is really growing up quite nicely.  it easily supported my modo 32-but openEXR render, and then i quickly set up nodes for tone-mapping, glare, color adjustments, sharpen and noise… things one would usually do in PS.

what makes this so much better is that because it’s nodes you can update the input image and the process will run anew on that image… so if you forgot to include an object in the render, just render again and save over the file and the nodes will update 🙂

what makes me happiest is the decent tone-mapping, although i would prefer a more visual approach it does the job!


One Response to “bypass photoshop”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Haha, blender rules!

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