12 September, 2008

two modo renders, both glorified lighting tests…

been spending time learning about lighting, rendering hdri’s, tone-mapping etc

i really wish i had a renderfarm so i could use fryrender or maxwell because unbiased engines are truly beautiful.  i’ve tried to push modo as far as i can because it’s the most practical in terms of freelance because it’s actually affordable and it’s fast enough to use on only one pc.

going to move onto max/v-ray next


One Response to “physical”

  1. Andrew Says:

    nice lighting man, a bit too clean but maybe that is what you are going for…

    Dude your machine is a render farm 🙂 Two options, build a render farm (I can tell you the cheapest way without a lot of boxes etc…) or use the online resources, there are a couple of places where you pay very little for massive processing power… i suppose they both cost some bucks though…


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