self portrait… in 3d :)

11 August, 2008

so overall this was an interesting project…  this my my first serious face model from scratch, used blender for the most part in terms of modelling.  blenders base level tools (move, scale, rotate, extrude) are the best i’ve found in all 3d apps…  encountered more hitches with texturing than expected which got me frustrated but i managed to pull off enough hacks to get it to look decent 🙂

no zbrush or any bump/normal/displacement maps here, no time for that 😦

so i totally cheated with the textures and just projection painted the reference images straight onto the model… but it actually ended up causing more hassles later on 😦
pretty simple shader, no spec just incidence angle based reflections , hdri lighting etc…

bla bla bla


2 Responses to “self portrait… in 3d :)”

  1. Blenderhead Says:

    It looks absolutely great, just mind the expression on the eyes. You look a bit terrified there (I think eyelid position and dilated pupils are the problem). But great modelling and, especially, texturing. Really impressive results. BTW, are your ears always that red? 😀

  2. Ian Says:

    I’ve ofter thought of passing a photo (with blurred edges) as a model. Is that what you’ve done? Show us your wire frame head!

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