texturing exercise

21 July, 2008

so we just finished covering the basics of texturing at school…

it was just uv and photoshop skillz, then as an exercise we got given this monster base mesh (which we already unwrapped) and we had to texture it. it’s not for marks or anything and we had bout 3 days to do it.

so i used it as an excuse to test out my zbrush / modo / photoshop pipeline….
loads of fun! so we getting the big project tomorrow and i’m excited now that i’ve ironed out the little bumps working in different apps…

i’ll upload a few shots so you can see progress from the base mesh onwards…

and the “final” render

tech details… rendered with physical sun/sky, 4k displacement and normal maps from zbrush, 4k diffuse map from modo/photoshop.  simple shader setup with reflections based on incidence angle to give that nice spec outline…
grass from paint effects 🙂


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