26 June, 2008


so i just got wi-fi on my own pc so expect more posts…

been spending most my time learning integration between all these 3d apps i’ve been picking up.  so i’ve got nothing to show, but mainly been getting back into zbrush 3 and then making sweet 32 bit displacement maps for modo / maya.

here’s a little vinyl toy i made in modo, i didn’t design it, i own it.  so don’t get too excited, i just copied it.  i tried doing this a while back in blender but without projection painting i gave up!

rendered in 37 seconds btw… gotta love modo!!!

still can’t wait for blender 2.50

looks like i’m going to be doing quite a lot of not-3d work these holidays, mostly web stuff.  oh well, if anything it’ll give me a break from 3d 🙂


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