a little update

11 April, 2008

all’s going well. i think i’m on a minute of 90% finished animation… i’m leaving facial till last šŸ™‚

i’m aiming to get to two minutes… there’s a specific part in the song i wanna get past so we’ll see how it goes.

thanks to dassie for my first and (so far) only comment… because of it i will take ur reccomendation and go with the black lighting. here are some updates just for you dassie!!!

and now i’ll let you in on a little secret. eskom is going to drop a bomb towards the end of the animation and the lights are going to go out. luckily our drummer has glow in the dark sticks… (wip)


2 Responses to “a little update”

  1. kernond Says:

    Hey, nice work! I, too, am a Christian/drummer/Blenderhead, LOL!

    As a drummer, I feel a strong urge to create realistic 3D drums and drumming animations…one day. I think the drums and animation (seen on BlenderNation) are some of the better ones that I’ve seen. I could tell it was made by someone that’s been behind a set of drums before. I plan to create some classic jazz and bebop drumming animations at some point.

    I see from the images that you’re planning to add more to the animation beyond what’s shown at BlenderNation?

  2. Wow, your work is gregorious!
    There are two interesting facts.
    1. I’m a drummer
    2. Next year i become a 3d-artist
    and this scene connects it on a wonderful way.
    in between, nice music.

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