4 April, 2008

side-note: all the work in this post was made in blender

first off here’s the background for a website i’m designing.  it’s for a local photographer, Chris Taylor.   It’s still a work in progress but this will be the main part of the interface.

i also started doing a few random logo shots for my church, common groundchurch, just for fun.  i will soon be helping with production of a series of 5 minute clips explaining theological truths. it’s going to be good!

and now for the real news. i’m on holiday now and am working on a short animation.  of course it’s going to be about drumming 🙂 basically i’m using mancandy (a free rigged character for blender) and i will be animating him playing drums to a song…

so much for lyp-sync… this is going to be drum sync!

so here are some screenshots and (very) rough renders. no texturing yet, just finished modelling, but still lacking fine details like grip on the cymbol stands / correct logos etc



i’ve done most of the (basic) rigging, the double bass pedal took the longest (see above shot) and is my first attempt at rigging… special thanks to bassam kurdali for the mancandy faq which is slowly teaching me how to rig!



did a tiny bit of post on these render in photoshop… but nothing that can’t be done in blender’s compositor ultimately…


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